Calif-Coast Investigative Services - An Association of Professional Investigators
Pre-employment Background Investigations

CCIS conducts Pre-Employment Screening for
small and large businesses throughout the United
States.  You will receive a clear and concise report
that conforms with all state and federal laws.
Basic background inquiry: THREE DAY TURN
, SSN Verification,Criminal History in
current county of residence.Driver record upon
request, Additional charge for criminal check in
counties of previous residence. ($22.00)  
Our pre-employment backgrounds vary in cost based
on what information your company desires. Please call
our office and we will be happy to discuss this will you.
Detailed background inquiry:   

Law Enforcement candidate background: 
(California only, complete without polygraph)

With polygraph: 

Government employee candidate:

Previous years employment verification only:
(beyond one year)  






We require a signed authorization from the applicant per the FCRA to conduct background checks for employers. 
Please contact us for details.
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